Documentary project following Karen O, Danger Mouse and collaborators preparing for the immersive Lux Prima installation. 
Made possible by Dropbox.

Directed/Shot/Edited: Luisa Conlon & Max Knight
Producers: Juliette Carter, Luisa Conlon, Max Knight
Executive Producer: Like MGMT
Additional Camera: Maya Craig 
Sound: Steven Allmendinger, Luisa Sà-Davis
Locations: Skywalker Ranch, Marciano Art Foundation

Director: Max Knight / Creative Direction: Seramic / DOP: Sean Bagley / Assistant Camera: Kylie Hazzard / Dancer: Sophina DeJesus / Choreographer: Nadine Olmo / Commissioner: Sam Seager at Parlophone Records / Editor: Max Knight / Color: Max Knight

Direction, camera, edit: Max Knight / AWAL Records

Direction, camera, edit: Max Knight / AWAL Records

Director: Max Knight / Cinematography: Max Knight / AD/AC: Harvey Eaton / Talent: Gemma May / Assistance: Luca D'Alberto + Fabio Bonomo / Commissioner: Rachael Patterson at !k7 Records

Direction, camera, edit: Max Knight / Talent: Matt Russell / Styling & Concept: Adrienne Smith / Commissioned by Motor Sales w. AWOL

Direction, camera, edit: Max Knight / Starring Marika Hackman / Assistance by Evan McCune / Commissioned by Transgressive Records

Director: Max Knight / Co-director: Chris Perkel / Camera: Max Knight / Color: Fancy Film Post Production / Commissioner: EMI Records

Direction & Camera: Max Knight & Ben Coughlan / Edit/Color: Ben Coughlan / Commissioner: Emily Tedrake at Polydor Records 

Direction & Camera: Max Knight / Produced by Skuli Helgi Sigurgislason / Edited by Henry Bateman / Creative Direction: Marcus Foster / Commissioned by Geffen/Universal Records UK